When does school reopen ?   


St. Mary's reopens on Wednesday August 30th.


Classes start at 8.50am.

All new classes will be announced via email on the evening of Tuesday 29th.

Newly Enrolled Second Class Pupils should arrive from 9.00am and proceed to Rooms 7 and 8.


Is there a Book Rental Scheme?

No, not anymore, from September 2023, all schoolbooks are free.


What about copies/pencils /pens*/ pencil sharpeners / ruler / erasers?


We will provide all pupils with a set of copies, any extra copies to replace these can be purchased by parents.

We will also provide a pencil / pen* / sharpener / ruler and eraser to all pupils. Any replacements for these during the year must be provided by parents.


*pens for 5th/6th only


What about uniform?



MFC UPDATE - All orders that were placed in Order 1 (summer) in June can be collected on Tuesday 29th from 10am to 2pm


Order 2 (summer) should arrive in late September.


 Letter re:       Back to School     Books     Stationery     Insurance (voluntary)

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to inform you that with the new grant support available, St. Mary's will be able to provide the following free of charge to all pupils:

- All school books (that are normally part of Book Rental) - if any books are lost or damaged a replacement fee will be charged.
- All required copies / pencils / eraser / ruler to start the school year - parents will have to provide replacements during the year.
- We will no longer be able to provide 24 hour insurance for everyone as we had previously included this cost with the Book Rental fee of €75.
- If parents wish to avail of 24 hour insurance, the cost will be €10 payable through the school office in September.

Yours sincerely,

Colm Mac Cinna