Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of the learners.

 John Holt


Learning  Zone


Our Learning Zone has always been an important part of our website.

Its sole purpose is to help all staff, pupils and parents to access useful websites and online links.

When we access these links in school, it's then very easy for everyone to find them again when you search the Learning Zone on our school website !

We have many links to useful websites and online resources for all subjects.

The mother of all online learning for Irish schools is  Scoilnet www.scoilnet.ie  . While online it is so important to be safe, see  www.webwise.ie



If you click on website links in our Learning Zone, you are leaving  our site www.stmarysbns.ie.

St. Mary's does not accept responsibility for any content that is published on other websites.

All links are published here in good faith.

If a website closes down, if a link is broken or if content is changed, this is out of our control.  

Please inform us of any Learning Zone issues at office@1867.ie



Many years ago, when we first started getting IP user information from our school website, we could see when boys logged into our Learning Zone. After school we noticed many boys accessing the links from home. This was a great sign to us that are pupils were making good use of their IT time ! 

We have also received emails from all around the world from people who have accessed the learning links that we have put together.

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In St. Mary’s we are committed to providing a rich and engaging learning environment that caters to the diverse needs and abilities of our pupils.

To support our pupils' academic and personal growth, we offer a wide range of learning resources that enable them to explore their interests, develop their skills and talents, and reach their full potential.

One of the key learning resources we offer is ICT resources. We have a range of modern technology, including Chromebox computers in our ICT Room and over a hundred mobile Chromebook devices. We have interactive screens in all learning spaces to support our pupils' learning across a range of subjects.

Our teachers use these resources to deliver engaging and interactive lessons that promote critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

In addition to our ICT resources, we have dedicated classrooms and specialist rooms that are equipped with a range of learning resources, including books, materials, and equipment, that support our pupils' learning across a range of subjects. For example, our Art Room is equipped with a range of materials, including paint, clay, and drawing supplies, that enable our pupils to explore their artistic talents and express themselves creatively.

We are committed to providing a learning environment that enables our pupils to explore their interests, develop their skills and talents and reach their full potential.