We work on phonics and spelling to ensure that our pupils develop strong literacy skills.

In the early years of primary school, pupils were taught phonics, which involves learning the relationship between sounds and letters. This helps them to learn how to decode words and read with fluency.

As our pupils progress through senior primary school, they also receive instruction in spelling.

Our teachers use a range of strategies and approaches to support pupils in developing their spelling skills, including phonetic spelling and memorisation of high-frequency words.

We also encourage our pupils to use their spelling skills in their writing, which helps to reinforce their learning and develop their confidence as writers. Our teachers provide regular feedback and support to help our pupils improve their spelling and writing skills.

The Spellings for Me programme allows all pupils to tailor their work on spelling to meet their needs.

The teaching of phonics and spelling is essential to support our pupils' literacy development and enable them to become confident readers and writers.