Luck can be quite predictable, we find that if you want more luck, take more chances, try more things. Be more active. Show up more often. Fill your days with activities to challenge you in every way.

 St. Mary's, Our School, Our Story



St. Mary's offers a wide range of activities outside the classroom to promote holistic development among pupils, including a choir where pupils can showcase their singing talent and debating competitions and quizzes to encourage critical thinking skills.

The CASE project is also an exciting opportunity for pupils to engage in collaborative problem-solving and project work with other schools.

In addition to academic pursuits, we also organise school tours and walks, providing opportunities for pupils to learn outside of the classroom and explore their surroundings. These activities help to develop pupils' social skills, self-confidence, and overall well-being.

Our pupils engage in a broad range of activities outside the classroom. Our aim is to provide a well-rounded education that enables pupils to develop their interests and talents, and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, the full and harmonious development of the child.