Sports do not build character, they reveal it.

 John Wooden 


St. Mary's has a strong tradition of sporting excellence. Our pupils have competed and excelled in a variety of sports at local, provincial, regional, national and even international level. Our main sports include handball, Gaelic football, soccer, hurling, athletics and cross-country running. Our school teams and individual pupils have achieved great success, bringing pride not only to themselves but also to the school and the local community.

Participating in sports provides a great sense of personal achievement and camaraderie among our pupils. They take pride in representing our school and strive to do their best both on and off the field. Whether they win or lose,  they learn valuable life lessons.

It's not the size of the man but the size of his heart that matters

Evander Holyfield

We believe that sport should be an integral part of our pupils' education. Sport teaches the value of teamwork, perseverance, and good sportsmanship. Sport, at all levels, encourages a sense of fun and play, both essential to personal development. Through sport our pupils develop important physical, mental and social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Our school's commitment to sport extends beyond the classroom, with a strong emphasis on extra-curricular activities. We provide a range of opportunities for pupils to get involved in sport, including training sessions, competitions, and school teams.

Our pupils are encouraged to participate in a variety of sports to develop their skills and find their passion. We encourage our pupils to join local sports clubs.