School Meals

St. Mary's provides free hot meals to all pupils daily, thanks to our DEIS status and our partnership with Fresh Today.

Parents and pupils can easily order their meals from the Fresh Today website or app.

A variety of healthy dishes are available and the order can be changed weekly.

We are committed to promoting healthy eating habits among our pupils, and as such, we provide water in all classrooms to encourage hydration throughout the day.

Our aim is to ensure that every pupil has access to nutritious and tasty meals that help to support their physical and cognitive development.

We encourage all parents and pupils to engage fully with this brilliant initiative !

Maggie Rooney's Kitchen

Many who attended our school in the 1950's recall Maggie Rooney's kitchen. Maggie Rooney was employed to give out bread and jam and cocoa to the boys at lunchtime. She served one and all from the front doors at the centre of the old primary building. Her servery earned the nickname 'Maggie Rooney's Kitchen'.

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