Uniformity of Purpose

School uniforms were introduced to St. Mary's in the 1990s.

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School Uniform

We changed our school uniform in 2022 to allow our pupils to be more comfortably attired for an active day at school every day as opposed to only on PE days. Our Coiste were strongly in favour of a more comfortable school uniform, as were our Parents' Association. We listened, we abandoned the school shirt and tie, and the jumper and trousers.

The school uniform for St. Mary's is as follows: plain navy tracksuit bottoms (straight leg), navy round necked top with crest and a light blue polo shirt. These tracksuit bottoms and top can be purchased from any retailer. School crests can be purchased from the school office.


A crested school uniform is available from The Fabric Centre, Park St. Monaghan.

We believe our new uniform helps us maintain our school identity but with a contemporary approach that mirrors what children would choose to wear in their day to day lives outside school.

A range of Scoil Mhuire sports gear is available online periodically from MFC Sport. This sports gear may be worn to school as a school uniform in itself or in combination with the school uniform as outlined above. This selection includes white, black, green and light blue tops along with tracksuit tops and bottoms, shorts and jackets.

We want to offer maximum flexibility while maintaining a common uniform theme. We would be delighted to see boys combining the various uniform elements in a creative manner. 

Recommended footwear for all is sports shoes / runners (of any colour - non marking sole, if possible).


Plain long navy or black shorts or crested shorts may be worn in fine weather and are encouraged from 1st to 30th September and from May 1st to year end.

All pupils should bring a plain jacket or coat to school.

Please note: No inappropriate wording, slogans or graphics permitted on clothing or footwear (final word on suitability of same rests with school management).