It takes a village to raise a child.

 African Proverb


Parents' Association


Parents are the primary educators of their children and while all children are at school, teachers are in loco parentis. This unique scenario, in the school setting, illustrates the importance of a close link and close cooperation between teachers and parents.

All parents are valued members of our school community. We aim to maintain excellent relationships at all times. Mutual respect, care and support for the child and clear communication are the cornerstones of all interactions between staff and parents.

Your child's school journal provides the primary means of communication which is sending a note to his teacher. In the event that the journal cannot be used, email and telephone messages to the school office can also be forwarded to your child's teacher. We have an Open Door Policy, any parent may contact the school at any time. If you have any concern about your child's learning or their development, please let us know, we are here to help ! 

We will help guide your child's learning in our role as educational professionals. Should the need arise, we may refer you to other specialists in other disciplines if we deem it necessary. We have great experience of liaising with psychologists, speech and language therapists, play therapists, occupational therapists and counsellors. If your child requires additional support, we will guide you and support you along the way.

Parent Teacher meetings are held annually. These meetings are a valuable means to allow both parents and teachers to highlight each child's abilities, to plan for maintaining good routines, to aid the child's development and to plan further learning. To facilitate working parents we can organise telephone meetings if desired.

Our Parents' Association provides tremendous support to our school. They organise interest talks for the parent body on topics such as internet safety, healthy eating, parenting and the transition to secondary school. They have also facilitated expert talks by individual parents to our pupils.

All parents are members of the Parents' Association and a dedicated PA committee helps to organise events. Our PA plays a vital role with fundraising. We, as a school community, concentrate all efforts into a single annual fundraising event, the Cake Sale. The Cake Sale sees parents, staff and pupils making and baking items for sale. There is also a bric a brac section.

Our Cake Sale was traditionally held on the Friday before St. Patrick's Day. The Cake Sale is a highlight of the school year with many great offers and raffle prizes.

Come and join us for our next Cake Sale, you might grab a bargain or a tasty treat !


St. Mary's Parents' Association Officers

Chairperson     Liz Mc Caffrey

Secretary          Stephanie Askin

Treasurer          Pearl O'Brien