Aladdin Connect Info


The Aladdin Connect App gives parents, teachers and administrators access to relevant student information and delivers push notifications from your school directly to your device.


Discover some of the major benefits of Aladdin Connect for both parents and school including:


• Keep up to date with your child's records throughout the school year

• Never miss an update from the school with app messaging

• Reduce the need for notes through the submission of absence reasons

• Submit permissions to the school with the tap of a button

Make sure you check each of the following areas:


• Confirm that your school is currently subscribed to Aladdin Connect and you have completed the registration process with your unique link sent by the school.


• Make sure your phone is marked as a ‘Personal Device’ in security settings in order to receive app notifications


• If you wish to remain logged in select “keep me signed in” from the security settings page

- Please Note: Your device will need to be password protected for this option.


To download the Aladdin Connect app, please go to Google Play or the App Store.


Aladdin Connect - Play Store

Aladdin Connect - App Store